Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good News

Yesterday brought more good news. Daughter had an appointment with her Counselor, and after the appointment I sent Daughter out to the car so I could talk to Counselor for a moment. Counselor works with the residential placement I'm visiting tomorrow. She thinks it would be a good match for Daughter. That is good news.
It feels like every day this week is overbooked. I sat down with Daughter last night to watch TV. We got home at 7:00 last night, which will be our earliest night this week. I had a terrible time staying awake to watch the program, and it wasn't even 8:30. Daughter cuddled up next to me. It was the first peaceful time we've had together for a while. I wasn't making any demands of her. I think we both needed that quiet evening in front of the TV.
Monday night's meetings revealed yet another major area where people in this congregation have a difficult time letting go. I've already had several conversations with people disturbed by the discussion, and I know there are more coming. The challenge with the inability to let go is that the individuals are so stuck on one idea that I haven't been able figure out a way to reason with them or get them to see a different perspective. It's going to be a challenge to get them to step back and look at the bigger picture, and it will take time and lots of prayer. I knew coming into this that there were conflicts and challenges. I've been here a year, and they are becoming more obvious. We'll work through them together with God's help.

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