Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Excitement Gives Way to Anxiety

Daughter is having a hard time now with the thought of the move. She was excited at church this morning, and was telling everyone that she's moving. But this afternoon, the reality has hit. She's been more volatile. She's given me a number of reasons why she can't move. Most of them are fairly predictable. She thinks I'm going to stop being her mom. She's going to miss Kitten. I'm getting rid of her.
The one that both amused me and gave me a glimpse into her fears was the conversation we had in the car: "Mom, I can't leave you. You're getting older. You're already in your 50's. You've fallen before. I need to stay with you to take care of you. Soon I'll have to find a nursing home for you!"
I reassured her that I would be fine. She worries about me and is afraid I'm getting old and need help, yet she is verbally abusive, which certainly isn't good for my health. I'm sure there will be lots of similar conversations in the days and weeks ahead.

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