Thursday, October 20, 2011


Daughter woke up this morning and began crying. She cried through her shower, and came out to the kitchen still crying. She says she can't go to her program today because she can't stop thinking about the orphaned children. I told her she was going to her program, and she should pray for the children. I know she's sad, but I'm not convinced the tears aren't pure manipulation.
I got a text from Program Manager yesterday. Staff reported that Daughter was saying things that made them believe she knows she is moving. I asked her yesterday evening if she had anything she wanted to talk to me about, or anything she was stressing over. She kept asking what I'd heard and insisting she didn't know what I was talking about. I decided not to talk directly about her moving.
I think she knows I'm looking, and I suspect she's being dramatic in telling staff about it. I don't think she wants to know or is ready to talk about specifics. We'll make a plan tomorrow on how to tell her and how to smooth out the transition. I think I'll have her Case Manager or Program Manager tell her. They can sell it as doing her a favor. If I tell her, I suspect she'll decide I'm getting rid of her. I guess I'm manipulating her, too. I hope, though, that my motives are a bit better. I hope.

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