Thursday, October 20, 2011

Voices that Don't Speak

Daughter was quite dramatic in her return home this evening. She was throwing out a number of lines, trying to hook me. At one point she was beating her head and telling the voices to stop. She explained to me that the voices wouldn't leave her alone and she had to get them out of her head. I asked her what they were saying. She informed me they weren't speaking.
I finally sat her down and informed her that her attempts to get attention from me were pushing me away. I suggested that if she wanted time with me, she should ask for it. She was very subdued for a few minutes, then asked if I would play a game on the wii with her. We got in one game of bowling while the lasagna finished baking. I'd like to say she learned, but as soon as supper was over, she started throwing out reasons she couldn't come to choir. I had her snuggle next to me for 40 minutes of TV, and then we came to the church (arriving just before choir instead of over an hour early, when the bells practice). She immediately grabbed her music and headed off to sing. On the way here she was talking about her desire for people her own age to do things with. She'll have that when she moves. Tomorrow morning we figure out how to prepare her for the move. Maybe she'll embrace the idea.

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