Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Righteous Rage

Daughter overheard a conversation I had with Sister last night. Sister and Short Niece are finally getting their own place after continuing to live with Ex while he tried to refinance the house. The situation is very complicated, and they finally decided that a short sale or foreclosure was the only option. As is to be expected, the separation process is messy, and there are disagreements over custody arrangements.

Daughter is furious with both of them. She cried and screamed and was very distressed about the entire situation. It was the biggest meltdown I've seen in a while. She doesn't think they are giving enough consideration to Short Niece's well-being. She said it's not fair to Short Niece, and she deserves better than this. I agreed with her, and reminded her that life isn't fair. I talked a little about what she'd gone through-- but she didn't want to talk about that, she just wanted to talk about Short Niece and what they're doing to her. She thinks Sister and Ex both need to grow up and stop thinking only about themselves. There are times when she has amazing insights into people and situations.

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