Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday Treasurer and Administrative Assistant took me out to lunch. They decided we needed to celebrate my first anniversary as pastor here. Technically, it's still a couple of weeks away, but that didn't matter. It was wonderful to share lunch with them. I'm glad they see it as something worth celebrating.
I'm glad I'm here. I'm enjoying my life and ministry here. I'm excited about the things we're doing at the church. I'm busy, and it's good. For the most part, I think the members are pleased as well. My work here is very different from what it was in Tiny Village. I'm doing more education. I teach Bible study, and just as important, teach leaders and committees how to be more effective in their ministry. The congregation is very receptive to this. They want to learn, and soak up the information.
Daughter continues to struggle, but there are resources here for her. Case Manager looked at another residential option yesterday, and thinks this one might be a good possibility. I'll go check it out next week. It would be all women, and there is more staffing than at some of the other places we've visited. I think Daughter will be ready when the time comes to move her. Because I'm so involved at the church, the transition will be easier for me than it would have been in Tiny Village. I won't miss her as much because I have so much I'm doing.
Today I'm going to a continuing education event. It's the first Thursday of the month for the next 8 months. Sister Best Friend will be there, too. I'm looking forward to it. Of course, I'll have a lot of work to make up after losing today in the office, but it will be worth it. One year after moving here, I am celebrating my lie here in Capital.

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