Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Enemy

Last night Daughter snuggled against me to watch a TV show we'd recorded Monday night. This morning I was the Enemy. I don't know why. It may have been because they have an outing to an apple orchard this morning and she doesn't want to go. It may have been because she woke up in a wet bed again this morning. She may not know why she was so angry. What I do know is that on mornings when I'm the enemy, I'm tired before I even leave the house.
I woke up thinking about my friend's family, and pondering if there is some way I can support them in their time of sorrow beyond prayers. My heart is heavy.
I started this this morning, and then got too busy to come back to it. Daughter came home in a better mood. I asked if she was still mad at me. She told me she wasn't, and then told me she couldn't stop thinking about my friend's children all day. "I need to be thankful I have a mom who is still alive." She even took all the trash out without complaining.

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