Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Being a Woman in Ministry

I've been in ministry for 26 years now, and over that time women in ministry have become more common. At various conferences and events for women in ministry there have been discussions about some of ways it's different for a woman. One of the things I've heard mentioned (and experienced) multiple times is the number of times people walking out of church and shaking the pastor's hand will comment on a female pastor's appearance, something they wouldn't ordinarily do with a man.
Today I received an email from a member telling me how much she appreciated worship on Sunday. She closed by telling me she liked my new hair cut. I had been concerned, because this woman hadn't been in worship for several Sundays and had dropped off the committee on which she'd served. I was delighted to receive her email. Her comment on my hair made me smile (and pleased me, too), I'm glad she mentioned her appreciation for worship first, though.
We've been working with the theme of building a spiritual house all fall, and Administrative Assistant (who is also our resident artist) has done a wonderful job of coming up with various graphics and visual displays related to the theme. We've been using empty paper cases to build a spiritual house during the children's sermon. AA has been putting cut outs of stones with various activities on them on the boxes each week. Yesterday the treasurer said he thought people were understanding and connecting with the theme, which pleased me. I've heard several conversations connected with various sermons, which is gratifying.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love serving this congregation? I have entirely too much to do and I'm overbooked, and I love every aspect of my ministry here at Capital.

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Miz Kizzle said...

When I started practicing law almost 20 years ago it was not uncommon for judges to compliment my appearance, including my figure, hairstyle and manicure.
It was usually the older male judged who did this; the young ones were scared to death of anything that remotely resembled sexual harassment and female judges were all business, at least while on the bench.
Things will change for female pastors as their numbers increase, just as they have for women lawyers.