Friday, October 21, 2011

A Plan

We have a plan. I will tell Daughter about the plan tonight. Monday Case Manager is having lunch with her, and they'll go check out the place. Tuesday, after her appointment with Therapist, I'll drop her off at residential for a supper visit. I'll stay long enough to give her her insulin. I'll pick her up again around 8:00.

The weekend of the 4th she'll visit for the weekend. That week we'll have a pre-placement meeting and set a move in date. I was comfortable with the team. New Case Manager as concerned about the borderline diagnosis. I explained that her biggest problem was Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I gave them the short version of her first three years. Attitudes changed.

They will provide transportation for her to continue in her current program for a while. They will work with us on finding another appropriate placement for her. We will work together to make her work.

I have a huge stack of paperwork to complete. I am relieved and comfortable with the plan. My life is going to get much easier. I'm also very sad.


maeve said...

This is such good news and such a great plan. A part of me so wishes that Miss K could qualify for this sort of placement because it would be perfect for her.

I'm willing to be the first to bet that DD will also like the fact that she will be "independent", living on her own, and with people her own age.

As for you, try not to feel too guilty about this move. It will free you up to do what you were meant to do, 100%.

We are all in transition, aren't we? You, Daughter, me, Miss K and Diane and her kids. Some transitions are better than others, that's for sure.

Reverend Mom said...

Amen. Diane's death hit Daughter hard. I asked her if she was afraid I would die, and she ordered me not to even mention the possibility.

I hope that Miss K will find the place that will allow her to blossom and flourish. It doesn't get much easier as they get older.