Monday, October 12, 2009

Big City

We left a little after 8:00 this morning for Big City for an appointment Daughter had at the epilepsy clinic. The forecast for today had been for sun, but it was a gray day with scattered showers. Her appointment went well, and after they drew lots of blood, we went to a famous restaurant for lunch, and then to the zoo. It was a quiet day at the zoo, and we both enjoyed it.
I have been blowing my nose all day. I think (hope) it's allergies. I considered stopping to buy some antihistamines, but decided not to take one before driving the 100 miles home. It was after 6:o0 when we got home, and I have taken one now. Daughter was quite concerned about how I would sleep with my cpap machine with a stuffed up nose. I assured her I'd be okay.
Sisters are concerned because I mentioned my legs were numb while I was walking around the zoo. They want me to go the doctor right away. I have an appointment at the beginning of December, and unless the problem continues or gets worse, I'll mention it then. They both have the ability to get rather obnoxious. I don't, of course (heavy sarcasm). I'm sure part of my problem right now is simply the aftermath of Mom and Dad's deaths. Stress can lead to all sorts of weird health issues.
Tomorrow the plumber is coming to finish replacing the pipes in the kitchen ceiling. I'll spend the morning in the church office. In the afternoon I get to go visit a woman who just went on hospice with congestive heart failure. I'm not looking forward to the visit, as I'm sure it will bring back many memories.

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