Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Daughter is on a catapres patch for her PTSD. Once a week I put a new patch on her back, and it has been a wonder drug for her. It slows the adrenalin that was flooding her system. Without it, she has a hair trigger. So there is now a generic available. It is about 4 times the size as the name brand. The first one stayed on less than 2 hours. The second one I covered with two huge bandages. She complained all week, but it stayed on. The third one lasted 2 days. It feel off this evening.
This evening has been challenging, to say the least. She came home and fell asleep against me. After about 90 minutes I got up and began working in the kitchen and the problems began. She is leaving. She hates this family, and always has. She is going to go live on the streets, where she belongs. I asked her to please go take a shower and that prompted a long one sided argument as she told me she didn't have to listen to me and how awful I am. I didn't say a word, and she continued to rant and rave at me.
She just came down and told me she took a shower. I thanked her. She then came over to lean against me. No apology. I asked her not to, and told her I was tired of her arguing with me anytime I said anything. She has gone upstairs to pout. I need to put a new patch on her, but I'm dreading approaching her to do that. I don't want to get yelled at again.
I had a productive day, and was feeling good about the progress I'm making. Daughter came home and now I am exhausted. I think I have one of the name brand patches I can put on her tonight. I hope I do.

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