Monday, October 26, 2009


I confessed to my ulterior motive today. This is the second Monday C has come to help me bring renewed order to the chaos of my home. Today we tackled the study. We made progress, but there is more to do. Anyway, one of the reasons I hired C is that I figured she was struggling with depression after returning home when her California dreams didn't work out. I was right, and we talked about that today. While we sorted and shredded, I offered advice and support. I told her that had been part of my motive. I told her I was multitasking: providing pastoral care while bring order to my life. She's grateful.
I have resigned myself to the reality of having D's funeral in the church basement. I told the family today, and while I'm sure they're disappointed, they understand. I told them I had decided it was appropriate, since D liked to serve and work behind the scenes. They agreed.
I got my H1N1 vaccine with only an hour wait this evening. Daughter will get hers at the workshop next week. Now I need to head over to the church. I have some youth helpers coming over to help get ready for the funeral, and I need to print the bulletin and write the liturgy.
Daughter got home before I did today. She handled it pretty well, calling me to tell me she was home. I was 5 minutes away, and told her to meet me out front because I was going to pick her up and we were going straight to the health department. She called around lunch time, thinking she could con me into coming to get her. When I reminded her of my schedule she stopped complaining. She did tell me this evening she hates it when I'm this busy. I reminded her I still had time to feed her and talk to her, and I'd always love her. She's using words now, and that's an improvement.

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