Thursday, October 29, 2009

Psych Unit Day 2

Daughter didn't call me today. When I got there she was in bed sleeping. I made her get up. She had napped off and on all day. Psychiatrist increased Depakote. Depakote was decreased because she had a bad tremor. Her blood sugar was 210 before supper. She said her tray didn't contain the food she and the dietitian selected. I raised these issues with her very nice evening nurse, who made notes and will follow-up.
I left at 5:30 to go visit her, and got home at 9:00. My days are much longer when she is in the hospital. On a positive note, I had a good phone interview about a church that is located as the same metropolitan area as Sister and Brother. Far Away Sister thinks it would be great for me to be back in an area with more resources with Daughter. She may have a point.

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