Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New One

We had a concert this evening. Daughter wanted to stay home, because there was a new episode of DeGrassi. I told her the show would be repeated, the concert wouldn't.
She always tries to convince me to leave at intermission, and tonight was no different. She did have a new reason for leaving though. She told me she was having back spasms. She sat next to me rocking in her seating and crying quietly. I was concerned, wondering what was causing the spasms and her suffering. The spasms and suffering ended as soon as the concert started back up. She loved the concert. I wasn't as impressed.
Daughter is very much on edge. I was going to wash her hair today, but anything I said to her today brought a defiant response. I decided that it wasn't a good day to wash her hair. I keep reminding her that I'm not the enemy, but I continue to be the target of her frustration.

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