Saturday, October 17, 2009


Okay, Far Away Sister and I have PTSD. Sister was concerned this morning because Little Niece had a temperature of over 103 this morning. Sister was going to take her to the Doctor. She was concerned about strep (Little Niece had strep a lot last year), or H1N1. So we gave her a little while, and then called for a report. We called her home and her cell. Repeatedly. Over several hours. Far Away Sister sent her text messages. Repeatedly. Over several hours.
Far Away Sister was ready to start calling hospitals. Daughter told me we could go there if we needed to, and I was pondering it. Sister forgot her cell phone. The clinic took hours. Niece doesn't have strep, and probably doesn't have H1N1. She's going to be fine. So are the rest of us. After all the hospitalizations, our first thought wasn't that Sister forgot her cell phone, but that Little Niece was desperately ill and in the hospital on a vent or something. We should have known that Sister, who is not known for her organization, just forgot her cell phone. I'm thinking of gluing it to her hand.

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