Saturday, October 10, 2009

Better Day

Yesterday was a better day for me. I got more done and had more energy. I spent much of the day under my full spectrum floor lamp, and ordered new bulbs for it so that I will have spares when the current one burns out. I also set some small, manageable goals for myself. I accomplished those and more besides. Daughter and I worked together to clean up the living room last night. Now that the TV is in it, we spend more time in it, and it had become very cluttered.
Daughter is currently caught up in drama with friends. Flasher keeps begging her to give him another chance and promising he's changed. He hasn't, but she takes him back and then he does something impulsive and hurts her. As he was begging for another chance yesterday he kept interrupting her, and she'd tell him to be quiet and let her finish what she was saying. I pointed out to her that even while he was seeking another chance, he didn't respect her enough to let her speak. I finally told her no more phone calls yesterday. She has another guy, who happens to be Flasher's friend who is interested in her. He seems like a Nice Guy. NG let Flasher use his cell phone to call Daughter and beg for another chance. Flasher doesn't have phone privileges because of all the trouble he is in. NG is a victim of Flasher, too.
Daughter desperately wants a boyfriend. I wish she could be content without one.

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