Monday, October 19, 2009

LInen and Voices

I have hired a young woman in the congregation to help me clean and organize. She was here for 2 hours today, and we tackled the linen closet. It was an absolute disaster, and I didn't have room for the towels I'd brought back from Dad's. Daughter is not going to be allowed in it anymore. She opens the door and crams whatever she doesn't know what to do with in there. We also cleaned out 2 drawers that are a part of the linen closet. I ended up with 4 tall kitchen trash bags stuffed full of donations and 3 of trash. I found things that had been missing. I can now see what I have. C will come work with me once a week as I tackle the mess and clutter in this house piece by piece. I started with the linen closet because I knew we'd be able to finish it, it would enable me to put some things away that were cluttering up my bedroom, and it would give me a fast victory, hopefully motivating me to continue the process.
Daughter called a little while ago. She says she's hearing voices again, and that they are telling her to kill the family. Do I believe her? Maybe. I know that she's hurting. I'm glad that I keep the knives locked up and that she sees Therapist on Wednesday. I'll watch her tonight, but I suspect she called me because she was hurting and wanted me to take her concerns seriously. It's a strange life I live-- Daughter tells me she's hearing voices telling her to kill people and I ask if she has any work to do today. There was a time when I would have been extremely concerned by what she told me. That time is long past.


Adelaide Dupont said...

On Sunday our linen closet was a mess, as well. There were pink sheets with all sorts of spots. But it was mostly sheets in there, as well as a sewing book.

Do the voices know/care that the grandmother and grandfather are dead? Or do they not update? Some voices can be very stuck. And when voices say 'kill' they mean something else.

I hope Daughter has a good therapy session on the Wednesday.

Reverend Mom said...

I'm not sure she's really hearing voices. I think she may be seeking to point out to me how much she is hurting. If she brings up the voices, again I'll ask her if they know....