Friday, October 23, 2009


Today has been a better day. Daughter is penitent and super cooperative. She could read the signs and knew she had gotten on my last nerve. This morning I was trying to decide what order to do my rounds in this afternoon. I had three different plans, and finally decided to go visit D, who is on hospice, then A, who is also on hospice, and if I had time check in at the nursing home to the north (A and D are in nursing homes south of here). I walked in to visit D and her daughters were surprised and pleased. They asked if their brother had called me. How had I known to come? Within 10 minutes of my arrival, D drew her last breath. It was quite peaceful.

The hospice nurse had her schedule messed up today, so when the nurse went to call her, she was right next door and was there immediately. They were so grateful that the nurse and I were so readily available. I pointed out that if God could take care of the little details, we can certainly trust God for the big things. It was a reminder I needed, too. Her funeral will be Tuesday. By then they should be done installing the new carpet in the church.

After supper we had a brief storm, and then the sun came out. I went out on my front porch and there was a beautiful rainbow directly over D's house. You can see it in the picture above. I will share it with her family when we sit down to plan the funeral.


Linda B said...

Oh wow, that will mean so much to the family~

Reverend Mom said...

I talked to the daughter a little while ago and told her I took a picture. She was still talking about the miracle of me walking in when I did.

debinca said...

great photo! sometimes things are so pretty just when ya need it most.