Friday, October 30, 2009

Daughter Called

Daughter called this morning. She wasn't crying. I don't remember the last time she called me on the phone and she wasn't crying. She told me she slept well last night. Her blood sugar was 98 (perfect) this morning. She wants me to bring in her Yaz (birth control pill) tonight. The nurses have been telling her to ask me to bring it, and she finally was doing well enough to follow through. She wants me to call her friend and say she won't be able to come to her Halloween party. She asked me to bring her gel pens.
All of those may seem like little things, but compared to how she has been doing, they are huge. She is improving. Hopefully she is improving without the tremors coming back. Hopefully.
C is coming this morning, and we're doing more organizing and decluttering work around here. She called last night when she heard Daughter was in the hospital, wondering if I still wanted her to come. I told her I did. The only things that have changed about my daily routine with Daughter in the hospital is that I get to sleep until 7:30, which is an hour later, and I go to the hospital in the evening. I'm keeping the rest of my schedule normal. Today my normal routine will be punctuated by smiles, because Daughter called me this morning.

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