Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rough Day

Well, the grand total of my accomplishments today: 2 phone calls. Of course, I also took insulin pen needles to the workshop for Daughter (she forgot to take some this morning to replenish the supply in the clinic and needed insulin before lunch). I went back a couple of hours later to take her to see Therapist.
Sister's cat died today. Since June, she has buried Mom, Dad, Dog and Cat. This evening we watched Mama Mia together, and I cried. I needed to cry. I need to figure out worship for Sunday. We're doing communion. We did communion at Dad's memorial service, and I'm not looking forward to officiating at communion this Sunday. I'm hoping I'll make it through without crying. Today has been a rough day. I know there will be rough days. I just hope tomorrow is better.

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