Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The New Reality

I was getting lunch today and thought of something I wanted to tell Dad. Oh, he's dead. Daughter called me twice in tears today, sobbing and begging me to come get her. I assured her she could make it through the day and explained that I was going to be tied up in City all afternoon with pastoral care needs. She made it through the day, and came home and fell asleep sitting up.
We both overslept this morning. I thought that since I'm sleeping better now I wouldn't be as tired. I was wrong. Grief is exhausting, even when it's not overwhelming. I guess I wasn't as ready to jump back into work as I thought....
I did have a productive day today, so that's good. Sister is addressing some of the legal things she needs to address. She is deeply underwater on her house, where she still lives with her ex-husband. Her ex-husband is facing downsizing by the end of the year. She has to figure out her legal options and how best to get out of the house without losing all her inheritance. She met with an attorney today, and Far Away Sister and I lectured her on money management after her appointment. I'm sure she found it to be great fun.
We all are finding that dealing with this new reality carries its own challenges.

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