Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back in the Saddle, err, Pulpit

I was a little concerned about leading worship this morning. I had everything very carefully scripted out so I wouldn't have to fumble for words. It went well, and it was good to be back. I spoke about Dad a little in the sermon, because it fit well. One of the women commented that she was amazed I was able to do that. I warned Daughter ahead of time, and she wasn't real thrilled, but it was what I needed to do, and she did fine. The congregation was very kind and supportive today. Another hurdle has been overcome.
We have youth group in a little while. We will be playing games and planning the Thanksgiving dinner we will share with seniors. Tomorrow Daughter has an appointment in Big City 100 miles from here tomorrow. We're going to go to the zoo after the appointment. It should be fun.

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