Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seeking Peace

Tomorrow's sermon title is "Waiting in Peace." I'm using Isaiah 40 and 2 Peter 3:8-15. If I were to summarize the sermon in one sentence, it would be something like, "We can face any challenge with the peace and confidence that comes from knowing Christ will return and everything will be made right." As is often the case, I find that this speaks directly to the challenges in my life currently. Daughter hasn't felt good all day, and has slept much of it. After running high all day, her blood sugar dropped 200 points in the hour after supper. She is sitting across from me consuming glucose tabs, cookies and milk while complaining that her stomach hurts. I'm trying to get her blood sugar out of the 60's, without much success.

I had a long talk with Sister, who went to visit Dad today. Brother had assured us the nursing home was taking care of everything. The nursing home had no idea of his history of congestive heart failure. He still isn't back on a diuretic, and his eyes are now getting puffy. He was too weak to do his physical therapy yesterday. The elbow that was being treated with IV antibiotics in the hospital is hot and red again. Sister had a long conversation with his nurse, who took careful notes. He will see a nurse practitioner tomorrow.

The Open House is a week from tomorrow. We only accomplished a fraction of what I wanted to get done today, for a variety of reasons. Tomorrow I'm tied up all day with church stuff-- worship, advent brunch, youth group caroling and supper, Blue Christmas service. Monday I have two doctors appointments. I've got commitments 4 nights this coming week. The dryer died today. I'm not sure how we'll get it all done.

I've had a tic in my left eye most of the day today. Somehow peace seems elusive right now. I know that whatever happens my Dad will be okay. Brother is getting married in February. I hope Dad will still be with us and able to attend.

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