Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas Gift

This evening we were invited to Sister's for supper. We got Dad in the car and headed over and picked up Mom. She was delighted to see me, which was nice. She was also pleased to see Dad. She did really well. She even used her fork to eat. I think she had a good time. There weren't as many of us as at Thanksgiving, and Dad was there. When we brought her home, I told her that Sister would be picking her up in the morning to take her to church. She doesn't get to church very often anymore, because it's hard on her and whoever takes her. As I told her Sister would pick her up, I wasn't at all sure she was understanding what I was saying. So I told her there would be a guest peracher tomorrow, so we wanted her to go.

She looked mildly interested. "Who?" she asked.


Her whole face lit up. "Oh, ______!"

It's been well over a year since she has called me by name. I called Sister and told her. She was amazed. She simply said, "Merry Christmas!" It was the best Christmas gift I've received.


Torina said...

That is so very nice.

FAScinated said...

What a beautiful gift. I'm glad you wrote it here so you can read it again when you need to.

Munchkin Mom said...

Isn't it a gift when they are able to find our names in that confusing jumble in their brains?


Reverend Mom said...

Thank you all for understanding and sharing my joy.