Saturday, December 27, 2008

The First Project

Yesterday I informed Dad that our first project today will be to tackle the dining area. That is the table you see in the picture. Daughter has already told me she's ready to go home. I'll put her to work in the kitchen today while Dad and I work in the dining area. I turned the thermostat back from 78 to 60 after Dad went to bed. I also opened the sliding glass door for a while last night.

When we come here, I get a recliner and Daughter gets the couch. Last night she chose to sleep on the floor, instead. We leave our sleeping bags in the attic, so Daughter climbs up and gets them down whenever we visit. I think Daughter slept on the floor last night because she didn't want to both to clear off the couch. That's another thing we'll have to tackle today. I told Dad I thought we needed to get him cleaning help. He insists he can manage things-- once things are caught up. Daughter and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the kitchen when we were here last time-- and he hasn't managed to keep that clean.

Visiting nurses are supposed to be coming out for an assessment at some point. Hopefully I will be here and can see what other services are available. I'm back to questioning how much longer we can leave him in this apartment alone.

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