Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Service

Well, it's now Christmas morning. Daughter is in bed, hopefully asleep. I'm still winding down. I made it through the service with the help of my two commuter mugs of hot tea. My voice was not at its best, but I managed. When I went down to light the first advent candle, I sent the Christ candle flying. At least it wasn't lit yet. Ours is a singing congregation, and so the music was wonderful. I was frustrated that I couldn't participate in that more tonight.

In addition to my voice, there were other little things to remind me I wasn't at my best. I went in and realized I hadn't put the Christ child in the nativity scene. I recruited the woman at the end of the first pew to go find it and put it in the manger. I also forget to tell the ushers to turn off the light when we lit the candles. Someone finally went back and showed them how to turn off the lights. All of our ushers were young tonight-- the oldest was 21, I think. It's wonderful to have young men who are willing to step up and serve. Beginning in January, revolution hits the church-- we'll have women sharing the ushering duties....

The egg strata for breakfast is in the refrigerator, as are two fruit parfaits. Daughter had decided we needed strawberries with our breakfast in the morning and she was quite disappointed when we got to the grocery store and they were out of fresh strawberries. I took her to the frozen food section and showed her the frozen strawberries. We already had some frozen blueberries, and I picked up some lite vanilla yogurt. We will unwrap gifts while the egg strata bakes, and then we'll be lazy most of the day. We'll watch some movies. I may take a nap. We'll get ready to leave Friday to go see family. We may stay in our pj's all day.

Now I'm going to go wrap Daughter's gifts, and then I'll head to bed. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!


Torina said...

Merry Christmas!

FAScinated said...

Your Christmas breakfast sounds wonderful. Enjoy your day! Merry Christmas!

Munchkin Mom said...

A peaceful Christmas to you both. We have similar plans for the day. For the first year since Munchkin came, we do not have chaos.

Someone said, "A perfect Christmas is when you get what you need, not what you want." I got what I need and what I want. I hope for you the same.