Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Advantages of Rural America

I've written before about the disadvantages of living in rural America. There are also advantages. This morning I called about my malfunctioning washing machine. This afternoon the servicemen were here (yes, plural-- the old guy sold out so he could retire, but still goes on all the service calls). They replaced the pulley and the belt, charged me $85, and I'm now finishing the load that was in the washing machine when it quit. Quick, relatively inexpensive service is an advantage to living here. Of course, When I went in to check on the load I'd put back in, and the machine once again didn't spin or pump the water out. It did fine when they tried it when it was empty. They told me that meant the transmission was going. So, I went to Town and bought a new machine. They weren't planning to do any deliveries tomorrow, but I looked pathetic, and it will arrive tomorrow afternoon. I'm grateful. We planned to stay here Christmas Day, so I'll have time to get the laundry done then.

Daughter has called me twice from her adventure. She's having fun. She was worried, because the respite company sent someone new today. She's getting better at handling new people, which is good. Maybe eventually she'll be able to go City for shopping, lunch, and a movie without calling to check in with me.

I've been drinking lots of tea, listening to Christmas music from pandora.com, and working on worship for tomorrow night and Sunday. I'm making progress. I'm also eating far too many of the nuts that were delivered yesterday from a local funeral home. Yes, each variety has some kind of sweet coating on them.

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