Saturday, August 31, 2013

Productive Relaxation and Diet Lament

Yesterday I shortened a couple of skirts.  I've been working on laundry.  I did some weeding and mowed the lawn today.  I've also been watching college football.  Probably too much college football. I enjoy it.  I confess, I was relieved when they didn't need me to work the concession booth this weekend.  I'm concerned about how I will handle all the fumes from stuff I'm sensitive to.  I've asked them to station me on the ice cream cart when I do work, which is outside of the booth.  They will make special arrangements for me to take food in.  I can't eat anything in the booth. 

This diet is very inconvenient.  I'm still finding it depressing to go to the grocery store.  This week she told me I need to stay gluten free permanently.  I'll also be dairy free forever.  I've been exploring websites looking for recipes.  I have yet to find any meat that I can eat due to all the things that are added to our meat-- even that which is "minimally processed" has chemicals I react to.  I can try to add egg now, but it may be easier to just remain vegan.  The problem is that the recipes I can have all take time and planning.  This is an entire change of my lifestyle.  Even the nut butter I can eat is not available commercially.  I've become an expert at making it.  Actually, there are versions available in specialty shops online, but they all contain ingredients I can't have. 

I am pleased that I can have bananas and rice now.  Both of those are much appreciated.  I'm adjusting.  It's just there are times when I'd like to order a pizza.  I made all that vegetable soup for the freezer a couple of weeks ago, but it contains gluten, so I can no longer eat it.  I'm going to have to find other things I can make for the freezer.  I'll figure it out.  I told Daughter she could pick out several frozen dinners for meals while she is hear.  When we left the store, we had raw fruits and vegetables and a variety of chemical laden frozen dinners.  I know better than to try to make Daughter eat vegan....

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