Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Frustration with the House

Daughter has been having trouble sleeping at night.  The psychiatrist ordered a sleeping pill, but the house doesn't have any.  Apparently they haven't done anything about getting her some from the pharmacy. 

Last week she called and told me she was waking up very early in the morning and just getting up and getting dressed.  I told her she needed to go back to sleep, and suggested she put some soothing music on her ipod when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  I also told her she shouldn't be taking naps.  The next day she reported she had done that.  Apparently she didn't continue to do it. 

Staff complained to Case Manager that Daughter is waking everyone else up when she gets up at 3:00 and showers and gets dressed.  Case Manager confronted Daughter.  Daughter called me, hysterical.  She wants out of there right now.  It's like living in a prison.  She's not free to be who she is there.  She'd rather die than stay there. 

I again reminded her of the things she can do when she wakes up like that.  I suggested she ask them to get her sleeping pill prescription filled.  She wasn't screaming when we hung up, but she wasn't happy. 

I agree that Daughter should not be getting up and starting her day at 3:00 in the morning.  However, the staff should talk to her when it happens, not keep a list for Case Manager of everything Daughter is doing that they don't like.  If she's waking the entire house up, one of them could tell her to go back to bed, it's not time to get up yet.  At breakfast they could tell her she had disturbed their sleep and she needs to go back to bed when she wakes up like that.  I'm frustrated that they don't communicate directly with Daughter when this happens.  I also think they need to do some problem solving with her to figure out a better way to handle her early morning waking. 

In comparison to some other issues, this is relatively minor.  It is frustrating. 

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