Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unpleasant Surprise

I got notification that my American Express statement was available yesterday evening.  It claimed I hadn't logged into my account since June, which concerned me.  I was sure I had paid the July bill.  So, I logged into my account.  I looked at the too large balance with a sinking feeling.  Maybe, in the midst of our travels, I had forgotten to make that payment.  The payment had been posted, so that wasn't the case.  I knew I'd spent some extra money, but didn't think I'd spent that much.  I looked at the charges, and discovered almost $1300 in charges I didn't make.  I didn't know whether to be relieved the charges weren't mine, or concerned about what other credit card information might have fallen into the wrong hands.  I called American Express, and 30 minutes later the charges were gone, the account closed, and a new card had been promised.  There was a happy ending, fortunately. 

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