Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Long Day

After two productive weeks, this week has been more frustrating.  We've been busy, but we aren't accomplishing the things we want to accomplish.  We had our third act of vandalism since spring at the church.  This time the lock was removed from our shed.  We don't know what happened to the lock.  Our mission trailer has been broken into (several tools were stolen) and a window in the lower level of the church was broken.  The shed was discovered yesterday evening. 

Today we had one of the members of the property team in and out of the office all day.  He needed the credit card to get keys made.  He got keys made and brought the receipt, but some of them didn't work.  He needed a sketch of the building with dimensions so he could consult with his daughter in the security business about the cost/advisability of installing security cameras.  He couldn't figure out how to send pictures from his ipad, and then he was connected to our wireless network. 

Someone else wanted to know who is responsible for cleaning under furniture (not the cleaning crew who spends less than an hour a week there).  The piano tuner was in.  The exterminator came by.  We couldn't complete a phone order without faxing a letter on letterhead changing the authorized purchasers. 

On a more positive note, we did get worship music selected through the middle of October.  I did write some more newsletter articles.  We still love our work. 

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