Saturday, August 3, 2013


I've noticed that Daughter is more comfortable at the house this week.  I thought it was because she likes the new staff member.  Yesterday I offered the observation that she seemed happier.  She acknowledged that she wasn't as stressed.  I suggested it was because she liked the new staff member.  She acted like I was crazy.  "I'm less stressed because I did what you told me to do and trusted (missing staff member) to God." 

Today she was expressing some frustration with the one staff member she doesn't trust.  I offered a suggestion, and while she was dubious, she said she'd try it.

Today I've been cooking.  I've made polenta and hummus.  I never imagined myself making either of these.  I also have another load of blueberries in the dehydrator.  I've discovered I like dried blueberries.  I want to dry some more pears, too.  Dried fruit has become my treat.  The commercially prepared stuff has things I can't eat, so I'm learning to make my own. 

I still am amazed at the changes in my diet.  Hummus and veggies has become my favorite lunch.  I'll be taking some to church tomorrow, as I have meetings after worship that will keep me at church into the afternoon.  We're getting things ready for fall.  August is always a busy month for me....

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