Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Hours and Ramblings

It took over 2 hours for Microsoft to fix my problem with Office.  A woman called today, took control of my computer, and eventually got it working.  I'm not sure what she did.  I was doing other things.  I do know she tried everything I had done first.  I felt somewhat vindicated. 

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of the upcoming fall schedule.  We're in fairly good shape, but there is still a great deal that needs to get done.  I'm glad I got the computer problem fixed before it gets any busier.  A locksmith came out to fix the broken lock at the church.  After working on the lock for a while in his van, he told us he was going to have to take it into the shop to fix it.  Apparently it had more problems than he initially thought. 

Last night I left a meeting before it was over-- they said they didn't need me for anything else.  Today the committee leader came in and told me 3 things had come up after I left that he wanted to talk to me about.  I guess that's what I get for leaving a meeting early.  Every Monday night I'm at the church for meetings.  We've been looking for ways for me to cut back on them.  So much for that idea.....

They are currently having a book sale at the library.  A number of our members volunteer at the library.  Daughter was there today, and found the lullaby CD I had given her and she had lost.  We had talked about it recently as something that might help with her sleep issues.  When she went to pay for it, she was told not to worry about it, the member had paid for it.  She was very excited when she called me to tell me about it. 


Anonymous said...

Sleep problems are no fun. Does your DD watch TV before bed? Sometimes disturbing images/topics can make it hard to sleep. Maybe something happens at night in her house that makes it hard for her to sleep -- a shift change where staff members are talking too loudly, doors slamming or something like that? She'd probably tell you if that were happening so maybe she can't sleep because her mind is racing about something that happened that day or is about to happen? Drama-loving people like your DD often find it hard to just let things go.

Reverend Mom said...

Daughter has always struggled with sleep-- when she was a toddler male family members would enter her room at night to molest her. She always needed assurances of safety in order to fall asleep. This house is better in that the staff live in, so there isn't noise through the night-- they are all sleeping. The lullaby CD reminded her that she was loved and safe, so it really helped when she needed it. She began to feel safe and didn't need it, and lost it. Now she needs it again. Anything that triggers her PTSD can set off the sleep disturbances. She falls asleep, but wakes at the time she was molested. The CD is a way to reassure herself of safety and go back to sleep.