Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Frustration

I got a text this morning that my checking account was overdrawn.  I knew I was running close this month, but was confident I had enough to cover all the checks.  I got online, and discovered Home Owner had cashed a check for Daughter's May rent that she said she'd never received.  I sent another when she told me she hadn't received it.  Yes, I'm frustrated. 

I picked up Daughter for her volunteer work at the church, and she was not in a pleasant mood.  She's still not sleeping well, and they still haven't gotten her sleeping pill for her.  She said, "Who can I trust?"  Different staff members have done things that have caused her to lose trust-- they've made promises they didn't keep, or failed to give her some of her meds, or miscalculated her food and insulin. 

I hope that they have her sleeping pills now.  She needs a good night's sleep or her mood will continue to deteriorate.  Sigh. 

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