Saturday, August 24, 2013

Relaxing Day

Sister Best Friend came bearing lots of clothes.  I now have a new professional wardrobe.  Some of the things fit now, some will fit soon.  I gave her the things that are now too big for me.  After sorting clothes (I declined the dry clean only silk dress), we moved on to creativity.

While SBF worked on a water color, I made a wreath for the front door, pinned the hem on 3 skirts, and the made 20 teddy bear ornaments.  We played one game of Scrabble before she left-- we're pretty evenly matched.  The final score was 307-305.  I've baked them now, so they are ready to go.  I have to go downstairs to the ironing board and sewing machine to finish the skirts, so that will wait until tomorrow. 

I picked up Daughter at 7:00 this evening, so I don't have to worry about getting her tomorrow morning.  She made a half-hearted attempt to guilt me into picking her up last night or this morning.  It didn't work, and she accepted that reality relatively quickly. 

Here are some of the ornaments I made today:

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