Friday, August 30, 2013

Time Off

Even as the fall rush looms, or maybe I should say, especially as the fall rush looms, it is important to practice good self-care.  The sermon is done, in the notebook in place in the sanctuary.  The PowerPoint has been sent to the sound desk, with a slide saying, "video here" for the video someone else captured for me to be placed.  Our volunteers will put it in Sunday morning when they finalize the slides for the worship service. 

That means that I have today and tomorrow totally off.  I don't have anything hanging over my head.  I will also take Monday off, though I might sneak in a little bit of work from home, especially if Administrative Assistant sends me future bulletins.  We like to work ahead.  It helps with the stress level.  The bulletin for the 8th is in pretty good shape.  The announcements aren't done, but the worship service is all laid out.  We've planned music well into October.  The sermon on the 8th includes a drama, so it is pretty much done.  We've practiced it, and the slides for the rear screen that will serve as teleprompter have been tried and edited to make them easier to read.  I do still need to write the communion liturgy for that service. 

I haven't decided yet how much time Daughter will spend with me over the holiday weekend.  There is the challenge of diet.  I'm now vegan, and she is definitely not.  I will have to buy different food for her to eat while she is here.  I also have to look to see if there is something fun going on in the community that we could do together.  I'm sure she'd love to go shopping, but that is not my favorite activity.  It would be helpful to have her here a couple of nights.  I think her insulin needs to be adjusted, and I prefer to do that while she is here with me so I know what she's eating and that the insulin is right.  I think they continue to make some mistakes at the house.

Today, I'm going to enjoy my time off.  I think I will finish shortening 3 skirts.  I may make some more ornaments.  I should do some cleaning and weeding.  There is plenty to keep me busy in the yard, if the weather cooperates.  I'm looking forward to the weekend. 

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