Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today was my first Sunday back.  It was wonderful to be back.  I got lots of hugs and lots of people told me they'd missed me.  Attendance was up, and I had a larger than normal group for the children's sermon.  I love that time with our children. 

Our new pianist started today.  The congregation applauded when he finished the prelude.  They are delighted to have him back.  He is amazing.  He played themes and variations he wrote on the spot to the songs and hymns we were singing today.   He brought so much energy to the music, and the congregation responded with great singing.

After worship I had two meetings.  We've planned our Friday night children's ministry through December, complete with themes and activities.  Then we worked on the timeline we will be using in worship this fall.  We have some work to do perfecting things.  I'm excited about the plans we are making. I so love being in ministry with this congregation. 

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