Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Insurance, No Answers

Daughter is still eligible for Medicaid, and her case is shown as active.  For some reason the Medicaid plan she is enrolled in was cancelled in November.  The plan can't tell me why.  The information line can't talk to me without Daughter's permission.  I tried to fax them the guardianship order, but the number they gave me didn't work.  When I tried to call back, I kept getting shuttled to an automated system.  Her Medicaid caseworker doesn't answer her phone.  I (hope) got her email address off of her phone message and emailed her.  I also cc'd her Case Manager, the Nurse, and the case worker who gave me her name and number.  Administrative Assistant scanned the guardianship order and I attached it to the email, so she has no excuses for not talking to me.  I stayed at the church late waiting for her to call.  She hasn't yet.  She also hasn't responded to my email.  I should have asked to be notified when she opened it, but I didn't.  As far as I can figure out, no one was notified that her Medicaid plan was cancelled. 

Yes, I'm frustrated.  I'm not sure about next steps.  Hopefully she'll call tomorrow with answers....

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