Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Weekend

Daughter has helped me do quite a bit of cleaning around the house this weekend. I also did some work in the yard today.  This afternoon we went to see The Butler-- a very powerful movie. 

There have been some glitches, of course, Daughter isn't able to experience success without acting some.  When we got here yesterday after I picked her up, she wanted to take a break and watch some TV, then she'd work.  I unreasonably told her to talk to me about TV after she'd done some work. 

This morning her blood sugar was sky high.  She got into food overnight.  Of course, both times she was immediately insisting I take her home.  Both times I ignored her request, and she managed to turn it around.  As I said, it's been a good weekend. 


Anonymous said...

If it weren't for her diabetes and sneak eating food that is bad for her, do you think your DD could live on her own?

Reverend Mom said...

Possibly-- she would still have a problem with boundaries. Money management would also be challenging for her.

I think the biggest issue is that she'd be lonely. I'd worry about what she might do to address the loneliness.