Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday and the Diet

One of the passages I used in worship was from Isaiah, and the story of a vineyard that was well tended and nurtured but yielded only wild grapes.  God is going to remove the protection from the vineyard and allow it to be destroyed because it is not yielding good fruit.  I put a picture of my garden on the screen, and talked about how I had doubled the size this year, planted lots of my favorite food, and then had testing for food sensitivities.  I explained that the only thing I could eat now was the corn, and the only thing that wasn't doing well was the corn.  I said I had no desire and tend to the nurture the garden anymore, so I understood how God felt about the vineyard. 

After worship I was inundated with questions about my diet.  Most people thought it was an impossible diet.  It certainly is challenging.  I'm beginning to settle into a routine with it, though there are still challenges with it. 

It was another good Sunday.  I have to lead worship at the nursing home this afternoon.  Daughter isn't going with me, so for the first time I'll be doing it without anyone else from the church.  I hope there are some people who come-- some Sundays there are only 3 or so people there, which is discouraging.  The people who come appreciate it, so I keep doing it each month.  I wish I enjoyed it more....

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