Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ministry, Sick Daughter, Diet

Sometimes someone will come to see me and pour out a story of pain.  The things parents do to their children can be unbelievably evil.  After one of those stories, I'm exhausted.  I'm also honored to be entrusted with these precious stories of pain and suffering that have made them the people they are. 

Daughter spent the day at the church, but most of the time she was either sleeping or in the bathroom.  I think she had some sort of stomach virus.  I was concerned when she complained of back pain in the kidney region.  By the end of the day, she was beginning to perk up.  She apologized because she hadn't been able to do any work today.  I assured her we understood.  Administrative Assistant and I quickly folded the bulletins.  We have a member who I recruited to cut the stickers that need to be cut up for use this fall.  It was a quieter day in the office, so we got quite a bit done. 

On the diet front, I continue to be pleased with the weight loss and lack of hunger.  I have decided that some denim skirts that will become my weekday wardrobe for the foreseeable future.  I wear a belt with them, and they are much more comfortable than the slacks that are getting too big.  I am going to shorten them, though, as they were long to begin with and have gotten a bit longer with less to cover. 

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