Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daughter's House

Daughter's favorite staff member still isn't back, and her family won't provide any information.  Home Owner was told that she wasn't feeling well, but supposedly, that's all she knows.  Daughter has been quite stressed by this, and has not wanted to be at the house.  She's called numerous times, asking me to come rescue her.  I haven't, of course. 

This evening, after supper, she was ready to go back.  There is a new staff member there.  Daughter says she's just temporary, but it's obvious that she likes this woman and is much more comfortable now that she is there.  I'm glad.  I'm relieved. 

Daughter did her volunteer thing in the office today.  She shredded, picked up bulletins and hymnals in the sanctuary, and folded the bulletins for Sunday.  She wasn't too thrilled to be folding bulletins, but that means the Friday folder can focus on the brochures we got updated and printed today.  They are tri-fold, and I knew those would be too frustrating for Daughter. 

It was a productive week in the office.  It's good to be back. 

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