Friday, August 9, 2013

Phase 3 of the Diet

I saw the nutritionist yesterday.  She added more food, including oats.  I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning with some dried blueberries mixed in.  If I don't have any problems for the next 3 days, I can add something else from the list, which includes quinoa and tapioca.  Chicken is also on it.  The problem is, most chicken is processed with things I know I react to.  I think I'll remain vegan for now. 

I continue to lose weight, and I continue to see that in the way my clothes fit.  My foot pain is gone.  I hadn't thought there was much difference in the way I feel or my energy level, but on reflection, I think there is.  It was an extremely productive week at church, and I didn't have as many problems focusing and was not as easily distracted.  I also think I have more energy.  I am contemplating mowing the lawn, going to the funeral home for visitation this afternoon (a member's mother died) and then heading to Short Niece's violin concert 80 miles from here.  Tomorrow I'm attending a wedding (I haven't attended a wedding that I wasn't officiating for over 20 years).  I have found some corn nuts I can eat, and so I will take those and some dried fruit to the wedding tomorrow, along with a full water bottle.  I don't want to eat anything there and risk reactions that will mess up my Sunday.  Sunday afternoon I will be attending an open house for a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary....

In short, I'm planning to do quite a bit this weekend and don't find it as overwhelming as I would have at one time.  I guess the new diet is helping in a variety of ways.  I still find it frustrating at times, though. 


Kristin said...

Would you mind posting links to your diet? I'm curious.


Marge said...

I am so glad the food plan is working for you. It's amazing to start to feel better after you make some changes, isn't it? I went gluten free two and a half years ago, and I will never look back! I eat a lot of quinoa, also the quinoa spaghetti noodles or elbow pasta. Good luck! Keep going...I'm sure it will only get better! Blessings.