Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I finally heard from Daughter's Case Worker today.  She has straight Medicaid.  So she is covered.  I can relax.  I still need to deal with the pharmacy (or someone does).  I hate dealing with this stuff.  The last week or so has been heavy on it.  I had to complete the annual report to Social Security.  I have to finish the annual guardian's report to the court.  I do understand why Far Away Sister is not thrilled about being the back-up guardian.  There are times when it is a real pain.  I don't think Daughter is aware of the drama.  Home Owner is still not communicating with me, which is rather frustrating.  Daughter overheard a conversation yesterday and apparently the plan is to only have one staff member at the house from now on.  It would be nice if she would be officially told and guardians were kept up to date on what the plans are.  Daughter thinks the one staff member is too busy and has too much to do and that's why she forgets to give her her bedtime snack.  I don't care how busy she is.  Daughter needs a snack most nights, and to skip it can be life threatening. 

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