Sunday, September 1, 2013


So after my lament the other day, it's time for some praise.  I stripped my bed and washed the linens yesterday.  When Daughter headed to bed last night, she saw I had remade my bed.  "Come on, Mom, I'll help you make your bed before I go to bed."  There are times when she's wonderfully helpful and considerate.  I love those times.

This morning I got on the scale, and my weight, which seemed to have plateaued, dropped again.  For years I had not been able to get my weight below 200, so when I passed that milestone, I was excited.  The weight seemed to come off quickly for a while, and I breezed down below 190.  Then I seemed to get stuck.  On August 15, I was at 185.  It seemed to get stuck around 182-183.  This morning it was 180.  It makes it easier to stick to the diet.  This morning I put on one of the dresses I was going to keep, since it was a slightly smaller size.  It's too big.  I may keep it for a while, but it is going to have to go soon. 

Daughter is willing to help me clean out my closet this afternoon.  She was quite distressed this morning.  She saw one of the blouses Sister Best Friend gave me hanging in the laundry room.  "Mom, you're wearing THAT?"  I assured her I was, and what's more, it looked good.  She was skeptical, to say the least. 

I've decided I'm going to  have to buy some new underwear.  A wonderful problem to have.  Right now, we're both relaxing.  Then we'll get busy....

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