Sunday, September 22, 2013

Long Day

One of our members had a seizure during the worship service this morning.  She has a history of seizures.  She was sitting up front, and I saw her whisper something to her friend next to her, and her friend reached out and held her hand.  I thought she was getting ready to seize.  There was a nurse in the row behind her.  Nurse was looking over at her, hesitant.  As she started to seize, I nodded to the nurse, and things began moving.  She asked for someone to call 911.  Nurse's husband went to call Seizing Woman's daughter, who happened to be his next door neighbor.  I could tell everyone was freaking out, and I admit I was a little distracted.  I led us in prayer, and then went back to the sermon.  As I was coming to the key points, I saw movement in the back that meant the ambulance had arrived.  I paused the sermon, suggesting people go get a cup of coffee, and said we'd resume once SW was safely out.  She was conscious and had stopped seizing.  She thought the squad was unnecessary.  I told  her that she might not think she needed it, but we did, because we loved her and were concerned about her.  We needed to have her checked so we'd know she was okay.  The paramedics asked how long her seizure had been, and nurse in the back row announced, "7 minutes."  I was impressed that she thought to time it. 

SW was taken out, and we had another prayer for her, and I resumed the sermon.  The service was  a little long today.  SW's daughter showed up, and after the paramedics checked her out, took her home.  I saw Nurse this evening, and she said SW had slept all afternoon and felt that she was now back to normal. 

After worship I led reflections on our history, then came home and got lunch for Daughter.  She was quite dramatic about not wanting to go back to the house and confess that she'd been into food again.  I took her back and accompanied her in, and made sure that she confessed and apologized.  I offered Staff sympathy and some of the tricks I've learned over the years. 

I went back to the church, where I had a meeting at 3:00.  I did some work in preparation for the committee meeting I'm leading tomorrow morning at the regional office of the church.  I packed up and came home, ate supper, and then headed out for our Taize worship service.   One of our young women has felt a call to plan these services.  I've been her cheer leader.  I offer suggestions when asked, and then sit and enjoy an opportunity to worship without any responsibilities. 

I'm home, and I'm tired.  I'm going to bed early tonight....

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