Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Case Manager was shocked to hear that Daughter had gotten into more food.  She was sure that after their conversation it would never happen again.  She has a lot to learn about Daughter.  I told them that I think in some ways this is a compulsion for her, and goes back to those first three years of not having enough to eat.  I don't think they understand.  They are used to dealing with people with developmental disabilities, and don't have as much experience with reactive attachment disorder and severe post traumatic stress disorder. 

Tomorrow I take Daughter in for an assessment for group therapy.  Daughter is not happy about the idea of group therapy.  However, if she wants therapy, that's what she'll be getting.  Her appointment with Psychiatrist that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.  I am going to skip my breakfast meeting to take her to the assessment.  Doing it early in the morning made more sense than disrupting my day.  I've written a bunch of newsletter articles and am now working on Sunday's sermon.  I still have some calls to make and notes to write.  Tonight I'm teaching a class, and tomorrow night is choir.  I am doing bell choir this year.  It's challenging, but my wrist seems to be handling it okay.  Of course, they put me on the smallest bells, which helps. 

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