Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let Me Know How that Works out for You

Case Manager called this afternoon.  She heard about the food Daughter was taking at the house.  They are replacing locks and one door to make things more secure.  CM was shocked by the planning that went into this.  She wants my advice on how to get Daughter to stop.  I tried for years.  All I succeeded in doing was teaching her how to be sneakier.  I finally disengaged.  I secure the food as best I can.  I call Daughter on it when she gets into food.  I leave it at that.  I can't control what she does.  The harder I try, the more she resists. 

Case Manager, Home Owner, and staff are confronting Daughter.  I dropped her off early (she'll miss choir tonight) so they could do that.  I told them I would not be a part of it.  I didn't have the emotional energy for it.  I warned them of all her lines.  She's going to threaten to kill herself.  She'll try to run away.  She's going to say she'll hurt herself.  She knew what was coming, and was not thrilled.  I was not sympathetic.  Actions have consequences.  She can control what she does, it was a choice she made. 

Do I think they'll be successful?  No.  I wished her luck, pointing out I hadn't succeeded in 13 years. 

It continues to be very busy around the church.  Very busy.  Lots of good things are happening.  I'm hoping I will get all day tomorrow and Saturday off, provided I can get the sermon finished tonight.  It's close to being done.  Very close. 

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