Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silent Treatment

Home Owner has not spoken to me since she cashed the check she'd lost, overdrawing my checking account.  I sent her an email yesterday about Daughter's meds and asked her to respond.  Nothing.  I sent her a text last night about the change in Daughter's insulin.  Nothing. 

This is getting old.  I cc'd Nurse and Case Manager on yesterday's email.  Nurse has responded, telling me I needed orders from the doctor on the change.  I pointed out Home Owner had given the doctor the paperwork to fill out, and I assumed it was there.  I haven't seen the paperwork.  Nurse was going to look for the documentation, but I haven't heard anything back from her. 

I'm a bit frustrated with this.  I've sent several emails asking direct questions and have had no response.  I know from past experience that it's very hard to get her to answer her phone, and her voice mail box is perpetually full, making it impossible to leave a message. 

In the midst of this busy week, I have some paper work I need to take care of for Daughter, including calling the pharmacy to straighten out the insurance mess.  Administrative Assistant's son was offered his dream job last week.  He has been doing contract work since he graduate from college, so they are very happy that he now has a permanent position doing what he loves.  It's nice to have good news to take my mind off my frustrations. 

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