Saturday, September 28, 2013


My recovery from the sore throat is not nearly as rapid as I would like.  It still hurts quite a bit.  I really need to mow the backyard, but not today.  I think I'll cancel tomorrow afternoon's commitment, too.  I'm spending another day drinking hot tea and taking it easy.  Today I'm making Christmas ornaments with poly-clay.  I'm experimenting with penguins. 

Daughter called this morning, and the good news is she didn't bug me about getting her today.  I'm grateful.  I suspect that this is a virus, which is one of the reasons I'm not feeling much better.  The throat is not as sore, but I've also begun to cough....

It looks like a beautiful fall day outside.  If I felt better, I'd definitely be out working in the yard.  I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.  I'm a little surprised.  Daughter doesn't have her TV, so I'm not sure how she is entertaining herself today.  Maybe they are doing activities at the house today.  They do have a second staff member now, which is good. 

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